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Motherhood 14 June 2009

Posted by The Inimitable M in One-offs.
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I have been watching Luci with her four little kittens, and I publicly take back all my threats to her for hiding them for this first month.  (“If anything happens to those babies, I’m going to kick your ass…”)

She is a fantastic mother.  She feeds them, bathes them, clearly teaches them and guards them well.

These babies are beautiful, and I sincerely hope that someone who wants five well-behaved, fabulous animals will take them all.  If Luci keeps teaching them as she has been, she’ll also teach them to be the best mousers on the planet, and together they will make a wonderful team.

Happy Belated Mother’s Day, Luci.  There are some human mothers out there who could certainly take some lessons from you.



1. Deb aka St Colette - 16 June 2009

When I was still married we lived in an Historic District and had a good size lot. There were a couple ‘families’ of feral cats who’d hang in our yard. The back was wooded and shaded, so on hot days the cats would laze around and watch the little ones. Then all of a sudden school would start. One day was kitties growing up and then boom the adults started teaching the kitties how to hide, how to pounce, stalk, and go for the kill. It was fascinating to watch, just fascinating. The next litter the same thing would happen. I was thankful for the kitteh school because they sure kept my house mouse free.

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