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Saturday with my sister 16 June 2009

Posted by The Inimitable M in Life.
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My sister Edie and I went to the Glenn Miller festival in our hometown on Saturday.  We had a fabulous time.  We talked about things from when we were growing up, I took photos of different places around town, she and I both took photos at the Glenn Miller Birthplace Society’s band concert – which they turned into one of the old Chesterfield radio programmes – and just goofed around.    I’ll write a separate blog about the Glenn Miller festival.

We had coffee at Garrison’s and lunch at the Ice House.  Good memories all the way around.  We talked about our similarities, which we’ve noted time and again are many.  One thing we discussed is which side of the family we resembled.  We determined we both look like Mom.  She claims she looks like the older Mom, and says I still look like Mom in her youth.  Ha.  She’s two years younger than me!!!!!

I love my sister to death.  To come back this close from St. Louis is a treat for me, and we’ve treated ourselves several times in the past year or so. 

Edie’s on the left in the picture, and that’s not angel wings behind us – her trunk was open!  



1. Edie - 21 June 2009

Whoooeee!! We had a great day – let’s do that again sometime 🙂 Good heavens, though, you did NOT say you were going to post that photo!! However, I do believe those ARE angel wings 😛 Love you more!

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