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What it’s like in the Black Hole on a Friday 8 August 2009

Posted by The Inimitable M in One-offs.

Today was your lucky day.  You just didn’t know it.  Qwest had a “problem” until 8:20 tonight, with the exception of a 15-minute window before noon.  So I wasn’t on.

Yay for you!

I gave up trying to do anything because most of what I had to do today involved working with files online.

So I cleaned the house.

I emptied the 20-gallon tubs catching the drips from the roof leaks.

I broke a small student desk (accidentally).

The 4KotA broke my VCR (accidentally, they claim).

I dropped a bookcase on my bare foot (accidentally).

I shattered the glass front on an antique Howard Miller clock.  (It didn’t work, anyway.)

George got into the rice I had for lunch, and proceeded to throw up on the (hardwood) kitchen floor.  (That had to be voluntary.)

Fabio figured out how to get Kleenex out of the box.  (Absolutely intentional.)

Tomorrow has to be a better day.


Bad Day



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