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NaNoWriMo – 20 Oct 2009 (T-11 days) 20 October 2009

Posted by The Inimitable M in NaNoWriMo 2009.
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I’ve forgotten a couple of things, in case anyone is doing NaNoWriMo and wants to buddy up.

Who am I?  Theinimitablem

Where am I?  Well, I’m in transition, but let’s say I’m hooking up with the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City groups as my local groups, but I have writer friends everywhere from New Zealand to an undisclosed island location in the South Pacific (yes?) going anti-clockwise.

I Googled the title of my book last night, just out of curiosity.  Much to my dismay, it has not only “been done”, but recently!  I changed it a bit, so no one thinks I nicked their book, leaving the original title as a subtitle.  It is now Men’s Cologne: The Difference Between You and Me.

After that, I noticed that there was a Procrastinator where you can score your title to see the percentage of having a big hit.  I figured I’d just do Men’s Cologne, leaving out the subtitle.  I noticed something very interesting.  If I said the title was “literal”, I received a score of something like 10%.  If I said the title was used “figuratively”, I received a score of 89%.  What a fascinating way to skew the stats, eh?  So much for 50 years of research on 700 book titles. 

I am honestly not sure I can squeak 50,000 words out of this story, but I am going to give it a cracking shot.

Out of my 600-word random babble, I am trying to throw together a proper synopsis.  You’d think, since I’ve read so many of them, I’d know what I was doing.

I personally don’t like stiflingly detailed synopses, even if they’re only two pages.  I want it short and sweet.  Tell me the story, tell it in 5 minutes, and if it takes longer than that, then why am I reading this synopsis and not reading the manuscript?  Would you put this on your back cover?  Would you actually want someone to scroll three miles through this to find out what the story is about on your Amazon listing when your book is published? I once read that a good synopsis expands off of a ten-word sentence.  Ten words.  If someone asks you what your story is about and you cannot explain in ten words or less, you don’t know your own story.  Is this true?  Maybe.  I’m taking that to heart for this project, and I often wonder if the really good synopses I read in my line of work aren’t based on this sort of clarity of thought.

Never mind.  It’s the editor in me, to go off voicing my preferences.

I have a very general outline.  It’s not in order; it’s not tweaked; it’s nothing more than random two-or-three-word bits of jibberish.  On sticky notes.  Two packages of sticky notes.  Going on three.  No one looking at this could get any idea of where I’m going with the story.  I feel like I’ve just dumped a  huge puzzle on the floor.  Somewhere in there is the picture.  I just have to find it.

Why did my laptop choose last night to lose another key and why on earth was it “B”??  Fortunately, it was a quick repair, but I am still floundering without the left shift key.  I will  work around it, though.  I am not going to take any more time than the 2-3 hours I’ve already spent trying to fix it.  I’ll put that on the list I started of potential procrastinators.  (WARNING!  WARNING!  Stay away from these!)

Only eleven days left to pull this together.  Where are my chocolates?  Oh, right.  No shopping until the 30th.




1. katsuragi - 20 October 2009

Men’s Cologne. Would’ve been curious about the story behind the title had I seen it on the list of stories. Nice!

Okay, so.. a short synopsis and an outline of sorts. I don’t know what to write!! ::slight moment of panic here:: Maybe I’ll buy a notebook and just, you know, jot down a few ideas… Can I write and figure out a title for my story later in the process?

2. theinimitablem1 - 20 October 2009

It’s all about writing 50,000 words, Hezzy. It’s not about the title, synopsis or outline. I’m doing it that way because I have got to have that kind of organisation.

I’d thought about writing this story before, but I really have not considered myself much of a fiction writer. This is one of those “the names have been changed to protect the arseholes” stories. 🙂

You still have 11 days to figure something out. I’d make suggestions, but they’d probably be pretty lame!

3. Origami Tsunami - 20 October 2009

I love the title- and I get the “literal” vs “figurative” thing. I’m pretty excited about this. I don’t know if you know how good your stories really are;)

theinimitablem1 - 20 October 2009

I kind of laughed about the “how good” my stories really are. I suppose you think I should publish this when I get done, eh? I might. Maybe I should write chapters in 1,000 word lengths so it’s like a book full of blogs about the same subject? haha!

Spread the word, Suz. I’d like more people visiting here to see how things are going, and also get alot of feedback as I go. Questions? Ask here. Comments? Leave them, because like always, it doesn’t matter whether they are positive or negative, I’ll post them.

4. Origami Tsunami - 20 October 2009

*snicker* Of course I would love that!

I shall try!

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