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In the scheme of things… 5 February 2010

Posted by The Inimitable M in Life.

I’ve started to post a few things that have been happening in the four months since last I wrote here. A couple of them will show up as re-posts of blogs I wrote elsewhere. For those of you who have read the blogs, don’t hate me!

This blog will catch up with the personal side. In all honesty, it’s not been pretty, but it’s been doable just to get Canonbridge off the ground finally.

There’s no chronology to this. It just has happened.

I tried to do NaNoWriMo in November. I actually did it, but it won’t register as having been done because NaNoWriMo, in its infinite wisdom, shut me down early into the game. They did some upgrades, and in the process kicked me off the team. My pleas to them for assistance went unanswered. To heck with them, then. I tried to play by their rules and, getting nowhere with them, I made my own T-shirt that says something about being a ghost in the closet of the NaNoWriMo House of Questionable Behaviours. Or something like that. To summarise, I wrote 69,000 words, called it a decent shot (since I surpassed the requisite 50,000 by a bunch), and left it all to go back to the work at hand.

Some planned changes were put on the shelf for the winter. It’s not necessary to explain why, but just to know that the reasons made perfect sense. Adjustments are in process right now, and things are looking much brighter for the home team as we head into Spring Practice, Pre-Season and on to Regular Season.

Personal funds have been tight. I spent all of my pension from the university, which wasn’t much, in day-to-day living expenses between September and December. After that, I relied on other sources not related to the business to survive. I was doing okay until probably mid-January. That’s when it all turned into major suckage for me, mind you, not the business.

You see, ethics (not to mention the law) indicate that one does not use corporate funds outwith the comp already designated, and the comp is based on making sure that all business expenses for three months forward are covered before comp is paid out. The complications of meeting those goals were such that, while the business is fine, the comp since 1 January has been seriously under what was needed to meet personal expenses, and the car died. The car is not a company expense. It is personal. Therefore the car remains where it is, unfixed, until comp levels rise.

So what does one do in the meantime? One determines which personal expenses come first. For me, the utilities and maintaining Giz’s health are more important than getting groceries for myself and getting the car fixed. It’s been an interesting dance avoiding cut-offs, and if truth be known, Gizzie has come first. Does he have food? Does he have litter? Okay, then we pay the water bill.

C’est la vie. Things change a little in the coming two months, and while groceries will still come before getting the car fixed, life is gaining ground in a positive way.

I just feel that life is so good right now, working in a business I have loved all my life and having the opportunity to help others along the way, that the little things are just inconsequential for the time being.



1. Origami Tsunami - 18 February 2010

I’m glad it’s looking up:)

*bites nails*

theinimitablem1 - 18 February 2010

Yeah, me too! The song “Put on a Happy Face” is running through my head today.

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