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Beating a Trojan at its own game 12 February 2010

Posted by The Inimitable M in Life.
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At 9.17.28 a.m. yesterday, a Trojan started chomping at my Internet. It came up LOOKING like a Microsoft Internet Security warning, but blocked all the Internet pages I was trying to use, including those for my printer, my distributor and various and sundry other sites connected to projects I need to finish.
I was a little frustrated. I did a malware scan, but it found nothing. It took five hours, but found nothing.
 Let me tell you a little something about that malware scan. I watched it most of the entire time. Welcome to my Aspie world. I was barely outwardly functional. As long as it kept telling me the file names it was scanning (all half a million-plus of them), I was reading.  In mucking about with things, though, I caused it to falter, which brought up a non-responsive programme message from Microsoft, naming the file “not functioning”. It was:


YAY! I went on a search for the file, because I knew what to do at that point, but wanted the malware tool to finish its scan first (in case it would remove it).

The search produced these specifics:

{AV. EXE-26959BBD .pf}.

Off I went to find knowledgeable personages to assist me in finding the HKEYs I would need to remove when I removed the offending RealPHX (Trojan.Sinkin) executable disaster.

Many thanks to a couple of my brilliant online friends for their assistance. Between the two of them (God BLESS social networking!), I got the information I knew I needed.


The HKEYs weren’t there. The file was, but not the HKEYs. I removed the file, only to have it return after a reboot.

By this time, it was 7 p.m. I was irritated, tired, and even though by then I’d found a way to use the IE8 browser with secure pages (https) – the distributor, the printer, GoDaddy, and (!!) Facebook – I was pretty much out of sorts.

I was raised to believe that the only real obstacle is in your brain. If you are convinced that it is impossible, it will be impossible. I was convinced I needed help, but I also knew there was an alternate route around the molehill-turned-mountain until I could find the help I needed to blast that mountain to kingdom come.

I decided at 10 to just lie down and try to forget about it.

You know me. I will pick at it, work at it and otherwise thump it to death until I find a solution, temporary or permanent.

I did, too! You see me here today, don’t you??

I noticed that the home page always came up, no matter what. I could work in the home page, as long as I didn’t leave it. What if I changed the home page, went back out, came back in, and used the new home page for what I needed?



What if I found the Google Chrome download site and downloaded an alternate browser? BRILLIANT! I went in search of said download, but the Trojan wouldn’t accept it as a viable page because it was a eula.html page.

Okay, fine. Let’s try Mozilla Firefox.

DING DING! That one is a programme page that, when you click on the button, pulls the programme download onto your computer from that site, rather than going to an alternate *.html site.

I downloaded Firefox, then from Firefox downloaded Chrome. I now have three browser platforms on my laptop, but bygod, it is worth having the alternatives around.

Take that you vile Trojan Dog!

While the Trojan file was still on my system, and I did have the little annoyances coming out of the tray, it was far better than the inability to work and finish projects.

I downloaded malware cleanup software that won’t be eaten by this thing – it ate my McAfee – for which I doubly bless Doug Jones, who steered me in the right direction.  After downloading Spybot and Malwarebytes, my machine is clean and actually running alot smoother.

I’m still using Google Chrome as my primary, but have gone back to IE8 for a number of features I need for my website and blog changes.  I doubt I’ll go back to Internet Explorer as my primary.

Two words about Google Chrome: “Ooh, pretty!” Is “ooh” a word? Of course it is.

I now control, once again, my Web world.




1. James McShane - 17 February 2010

Seeing that we both use the same browser, would that make us “Chrome-Domes”?

theinimitablem1 - 17 February 2010

Maybe you, my dear, but my hair is still surprisingly full and long! xox

2. James McShane - 17 February 2010


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