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Lunchtime thoughts 19 February 2010

Posted by The Inimitable M in Life.

While I sit here with my coffee and an orange after spending the entire – and I do mean entire – morning trying to upload one book cover to the company website, I have some observations on the day already.  Just as it has been for the entire week, it’s been busy and muddled.  I almost thought it was going to completely run amok, but I got lucky.  I think.

1.  CMYK does not spell anything that GoDaddy’s Website Tonight recognises.  RGB, however, does.  It only took three of the past four hours mucking about with my lovely CS3 Photoshop (on a dual processor when I need a quad) and resizing the image six ways to Sunday to figure out that the problem was not the size of the file, it was the colour platform.  [Insert growl here.]  An aside:  This is only for marketing and website use.  For the book cover, it must be CMYK.

2.  No matter how you size the image, whether it is via pixel or inches, you still have to resize it on the WYSIWYG page.  Google’s Chrome (see the blog about the day of Trojan hell at my house as to why/how I acquired it) is not the platform in which to resize accurately on Website Tonight.  Social media/personal email=Chrome; working on websites and working with images=IE8.  (Mac?  No thanks.  Had one already.  I’m allergic.  I’ll take a Mac Wrap, though, if you’re headed to the Golden Arches.)

3.  My mind, as I was waiting and wearing down fingernails tapping on the desk, started going 50 different directions right away.  This is typical for me when the projects on which I am working drag interminably.  It’s not good, because the minute I start to lose focus, I forget the schedule for the day and end up doing far less than I had hoped.  I’ve honed my list-writing and calendaring skills so that when I feel it coming on, I go right to the notebooks or the 5-Days-A-Week calendar pad.  I have written next week’s grocery list (What, that’s not work-related?) and posted on the calendar, day-by-day, the entire next three weeks of work in detail, including a fabulous outline (I.A.1.a.(1)(a) – and yes that far down) of the steps I have to take in order to accomplish each project.

4.    I made a new/revised checklist of the books I plan to read in the next month, now that I am dedicated to reading 150 pages a night of novels we have not published.  My calculations are:  The Judas Strain – 3 nights, The Historian – 4 nights, Graves Gate – 3 nights and maybe by then I can go back to Poisonwood Bible and give it another shot.  Maybe I just need to practice reading more in order to get through it, eh?  I have yet to understand why, after the sheer and utter garbage I’ve read in my life, I cannot read something that has been purported to be such a good book.  I also made a list of books I really need to pick up.  I’ve decided I am not going to be in a rush to be “the first” or whatever to read a new title.  I’m going to wait until the furore has died before reading and writing my own book reviews on them.  Do the Twilight series and/or Little “Vampire” Women or any other book of that ilk appear on the list?  No, thank you.

I’m looking forward to reading more of The Judas Strain tonight.  It’s more interesting than I thought it would be.



1. simply scott - 19 February 2010

Little “Vampire” Women? Ugh. Now, after reading this, I am inclined to take a nap. You’ve made me tired. haha

theinimitablem1 - 19 February 2010

It’s 2.39 and I am just about ready to snuggle down with the puppycat and get back to reading The Judas Strain. I think what I had planned for the afternoon can be taken care of on the weekend. There is no 5 p.m. deadline on a Friday for a change!


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