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In the midst of that literary apocalypse 21 February 2010

Posted by The Inimitable M in Life.

Today has been slow and sleepy.  Still, I am surprised that it’s evening and the bright cloud cover is sliding into darker shades of grey.

Over the day I developed a fever and nausea.  I hate to think it’s because of the tooth.  I never succumb to things like that.  Am I whining?  Sorry.

Gizzie is unhappy that I cut 5 inches off my hair today.  He’s trying to find new ways to lie on my chest and still bury himself in it like he was able to do in the past.  It’s still below my shoulders, but he just can’t get comfortable, I guess.  I’m sorry, Giz, but I’m too old and too busy to take care of that much hair.

I started reading again at 10 this morning.  To say it is plodding along would be an understatement.  My original plan to write a review tomorrow essentially goes by the wayside, since I won’t be done by then.  Of course I suspect whilst taking a shower earlier someone sneaked a couple of hundred additional pages into it.   As I go along, I find all sorts of analogies for the experience.  One that comes to mind often is the apocalypse, and not in a positive-reading-experience way.  I have come to the conclusion that no matter how intriguing the material, someone should have called Tom Hanks immediately to turn it into a film well before it became a novel.  It would have saved many readers who still believe in the viability of Strunk & White the agony of reading it.

I think most of you know I subscribe to geekish magazines rather than the house and beauty stuff.  I get Archaeology, Smithsonian, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute journal, Miller-McCune, National Geographic, Internationale Politik and Science. Over the weekend four of them hit my mailbox.  At least when I finish this poorly written book, I can salvage my brain with some good research articles.

Mother Nature buffaloed the meteorologists once again.  We received severe weather advisories for days regarding a dreaded proposed blizzard with high winds and 4-6 inches of snow accumulation by tomorrow.  It was supposed to start last night.  We woke to nothing but a few flurries.  The forecast for the day indicated we might get an inch in total by noon with no winds, and even that didn’t happen.  Yet another emergency foiled by a complete lack of danger.

Tomorrow is another day.  I have a dozen things on my work list for the morning, then another dozen for the afternoon.  That should keep me out of trouble!



1. Maniacal Mommy - 21 February 2010

Oh, sweetie! I say take a hot bath and enjoy your magazines!

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