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The Editor Wears Loafers (because Pradas are inefficient) 17 March 2010

Posted by The Inimitable M in Life.

Caveat:  There are those who read my blog who live in fear that I am talking about them.  To my readers and loyal friends, the answer is “No, I am not talking about you.”  You know better.  Besides, this is just a vent/rant, and perhaps an insight into what it’s like in my world right now.  Spring has sprung, but I have no time to enjoy it.  Tell me what it’s like, would you?

Coffee, water, cream, sugar – the four basic food groups
Book covers
Image uploads
Web updates
Press releases
Save to disk
50 titles
Write A Banned Book
“I have just one quick question.”
Office supplies
“I just wanted to check in and see how my book is doing. 
            You know, the one that is coming out next year. 
                        We haven’t talked for a few days.”
                                    (read: yesterday)
Spam and telemarketers
“I just thought I’d let you know what I’ve been doing,
            even though I know I just emailed you, and I called you yesterday.”
Pipe leaks, car repairs, laundry, dishes
“We need to talk.  I had such a horrible day yesterday! 
            I had to take the kids to the doctor,
                        then I got this rash,
                                    then the cat threw up…”
Randomly teaching Everything 101
            because people do not know how
                                                to educate themselves 
                                                                        the way I did.
Book fair.  Frankfurt. Germany.  October.  Be there.
Hole in the wall called hell,
            45 minutes from civilisation and no time to make the trip. 
From laptop to bed to laptop to bed,
            never going farther than the coffeepot,
                        which is the opposite direction of the bathroom.
Same sweats and hoodie. 
Brush teeth, wash face, call it done.
The cat sits in the bathtub meowing loudly,
            waiting for me to take a shower on Day 4.
Growing the taiga forest.

My world would be more coherent if:

1.  I had a competent assistant who asked only one question: 
            “What do you need today?”
2.  I were back in civilisation.
3.  Fewer people assumed that I was at their beck and call
            just because I live where I work.
4.  I could experience decadent chocolate and wine,
            a long hot shower followed by a long hot bath
                        followed by extreme amounts of lotion. 
                                    Away from here.
             And dinner in a restaurant.  
                                    Lots of steak.  

I love what I do.  I really do.  I could never go back to working for someone else.  But the reality of it?  Just sayin’.



1. aardvarkian - 17 March 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day ❤ 🙂

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