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A little cat story for Easter 4 April 2010

Posted by The Inimitable M in Life.

I am sure you’ve all had a fabulous day. I have, and to be honest, I haven’t really done anything overwhelmingly productive…just laundry, clean house, separate the office from the bedroom, and pack a few things away.  I did a little research for my Steampunk novel, fleshed out Dr. Dawney and spent some time reading some more of my Skvorecky book.

I was in the loo putting away towels, and Mr. Giz decided to…erm….help me. I’m sure that’s what he thought he was doing. He hopped up on the towel shelf right where I needed to put these towels, and then hopped down. The linen closet is behind the door, and so the door into the rest of the flat was sort of half closed.

Well, Gizzie has played that game before, you know. With a flip of his tail he reached up the wall next to the door. He was pretending to stretch, you see, so I wouldn’t catch onto his plot. He stretched out one arm and casually just tapped the door with his paw, his head turned the other way meowing. My guess is that he figured he could throw his voice, and I would look in the other direction.

Now, under other circumstances (the other door) it would have swung open.

Not this door! It started to close!

He then, on his hind legs, swung his body around to put both paws on the door handle to try to pull it open again, but it just closed farther.

Yes, I am a mean mother. I watched him do this and did nothing to help.

He looked at me like it was my fault! If you have never received a withering look from a cat, you have not lived.

If that boy just had opposable thumbs…

I’m so sorry I didn’t take pictures of this incident, but it was over too quckly. I had no time to grab the camera.  It’s hard to believe he could wreak so much havoc when he looks like this:



1. aardvarkian - 4 April 2010

Awww…I want a cat!

2. Max - 4 April 2010

Nice one Maggie. Happy Easter and all that 😉

3. The Inimitable M - 4 April 2010

@James: I was never a real, true cat lady until this little bugger came along!

@Max: Happy yeswhatever to you, too, Max! 🙂

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