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Random Blethering 16 April 2010

Posted by The Inimitable M in Life.

I saw that my stats on the 10th were double what they usually have been.  Why, I wonder?  I didn’t even write a blog that day.  Odd how that one site (can’t remember the name) picks you up and you skyrocket.  Is this okay?  Meh.  I don’t care.  Read away, people.  It’s open to the public.  It’s sort of like an all-night automat.  You can choose meat, veg, mashed potatoes or nothing but dessert.  I think it’s all here somewhere.

I worked hard to get a particular book out this week.  It turns out that we had to make a revision.  I had wanted 12 of them in the author’s hands by Sunday, pre-release copies for an event he’s hosting.  That’s not going to happen, but in the fray that surrounds us here in our little corner of the publishing world, I’ve learned a bit about adding time to the schedule for any given thing.  It shortens marketing windows for the next month, but it’s not impossible.

We had fallout with an incident on a writers’ forum, and I took it kind of hard.  I didn’t step into the fray at all.  I wasn’t going to cast pearls before swine, as they say.  I talked to a long-time professional shortly after, who reminded me that we are stepping out of the box, not into it.  We’re one of the pioneers in an alternative thought process.  Another professional praised our mission and philosophy.  A third said to take the word of the unpublished and disgruntled at face value.  And so I did.  Several people told me I showed an immense amount of class by staying away from it.  That’s me, baby, classy.  In an old-money family like ours, it was the way we were raised. 

It’s always good, though, to know that someone’s got your back.

The rest of the work week had little ups and downs.  I sent out more offers, did a couple of unofficial virtual handshakes, made a couple of fabulous new literary friends, and took the necessary steps to hook our Ning WriterConnect community to our website. 

Today, I started to fidget.  So did the cat.  Between the two of us, we realised we’d been working far too hard the past few weeks.  He has been checking all the boxes, making sure they’re packed correctly, and I have just not been walking away from my desk soon enough at night.  I need to clean the house, pack up some more boxes, wax about 500 feet of hardwood floor (that’s 1/3 of it) and, most importantly, not work.

I will finish reading The Engineer of Human Souls this weekend.  What a tremendous novel!  It’s going to take some doing to write a review about it.  It’s not what I would put into it, but what would I leave out of it?  What intrinsic detail that meant so much to the story should I omit?  It’s going to be tough.

I will also write this weekend.  The company blog has been neglected for months and deserves some attention!  I also need to do more research on WWI in the Balkans, plus find a way to steampunk it.  Can steampunk be a verb?  Can I say without fear of reprisal that I steampunked something?  Beyond that, since I’m not getting a lot of takers on the concept of writing a series of novels on the bog people, I might as well get started.  I’ve been steeped in the articles and research surrounding them for almost 15 years.  I should just make the time and do it.

That’s all for the time being.  It’s after 8 p.m. here.  I’m off for the weekend.



1. aardvarkian - 17 April 2010

Random hugs and kisses

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