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Oh yay! Book-ish-ness quantified! 11 May 2010

Posted by The Inimitable M in Life.

The packing up of winter and preps for the rest of spring and into the summer are pretty much done.  The spring/summer sheets are on the bed, everything is aired out, everything is organised and, despite the cold, cloudy, wet days, I say to summer:  “Bring it!”

The summer placement of the office is set.  I’m back to being just a few feet from the coffeepot, and all of my lovely unpublished manuscripts and covers in various stages of progress surround me.  I am happy!

To say we’re working night and day would be an understatement.  Anyone who saw the fan page on FB and noticed the last note there was written at 12.30 a.m. knows exactly what I mean by that.

I used up a bunch of points after listening to Krista Tippett’s interview with Bishop Desmond Tutu a couple of weeks ago and ordered his book Made for Goodness.  The man is brilliant.  As I’ve said before, I am complete in mind, heart and spirit thanks to Tutu and the Dalai Lama.  I couldn’t be more serious.  Made for Goodness came today.  I’m putting all other reading material aside and digging into this one tonight. 

The truth is, I can’t wait to read it – and I can’t do two nights in a row working until the wee hours now that I am an old woman.  (I used up all my “youth” during the rock ‘n’ roll years, which ended in 1998.)   

My new system for the summer will be to alternate working late and laying low.  It will all work out, and especially now that I’ve put the moratorium on new submissions until December 1st.  I wasn’t sure, honestly, if I would live to see the end of the summer if I didn’t do that.

A question was presented to me about concerns that I was cutting off our presence out there by instituting the moratorium.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  We are a presence, and that presence doesn’t just rely on our getting 70-100 queries a week, but in getting our name out there to the reading public via booksellers, libraries, schools and so forth.  Those who want to be a part of our family will wait.  Those who really don’t care will go ahead and apply other places.  As Miss Snark, bless her heart, said a few years ago when someone complained that agencies and publishers weren’t taking blind queries: 

Anyone who gets his or her panties in a wad about “no more queries” is an idiot. Feel free to quote me.

And so I did.

I miss her.  I go back and re-read her blogs constantly because she’s brilliant, and she reinforces everything I’ve been taught and everything I’ve followed all these years.  She has it ALL OVER the other agents out there writing about the industry.  She stopped writing sometime in 2007, I believe, and yet her blogs are eversotimeless.

I wonder if I should change the name of this folder to “Stalker News”…

Well, back to work for me.



1. aardvarkian - 11 May 2010

Old, my Irish ass 😉

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