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A bit of a “sticky” wicket 12 May 2010

Posted by The Inimitable M in Life.

I have to say, I am on my knees in thanks to WordPress for their fabulous stats especially after what happened the other day.  This is how I know what went down and who the perpetrator of the misinformation was:

1.  There is a daily stats graph that shows me how many views I’ve received on a particular day.  General stats for the top searches, past day and top posts are listed with that graph, which covers about 2-3 weeks.  In this case today, it goes back to the 28th of April.

2.  If you hover over the pinpoint of any given day in the graph, it will show you total of hits and what, if any, posts you wrote that day.

3.  If you click on the pinpoint, it takes you to detailed information that tells you on that day what your total hits were, exactly where they came in from (i.e., facebook, myspace, my website, and so forth).  It also tells you what search terms were used in a search engine through which people found the blog.

On the day in question, the search term used was “maggiestewartgrant”.  This blog came up.  The post on the home page was the last one I’d written, which was about my wish to find working capital to do more things.  Only one person that day hit that blog four times with that exact same search term.

The claim is that the person found said information on the company blog. 


First of all, this blog is not connected to the company in any way, shape or form.  If you notice on the right side, there are no links.  This is intentional.  It’s my personal blog, not the company blog.  It’s where I talk about things you would not find in the company blog, including my wishes for the bits and bobs we could sure use in order to expand.  That is not company information.

Second of all, if one were searching for the company site, they would type in the word “canonbridge”, not my name.

The style of how the search was made was flat-out the style I know would be used by the person in question.

So the information sought by the person in question was not at all about the company, but was a search for information about me.

Since they’ve tried so hard to find this information, maybe they’ll click onto this folder and find this blog.  Let me just say this, then:

I am tired.
I work too hard.
I don’t go anywhere or do anything but work.

If it is not here, it isn’t for public consumption, and please stop lying about where and how you got the information, because when it comes back to me from others, I’m going to tell them – BACKED BY DATA – just exactly where you did get the information and send them the links to the truth, rather than your convoluted interpretation of the truth.

Oh, and…I took out the search engine option for this blog.  It will never show up in any search engine again. 

I’d say I was sorry about that, but…I’m not.



1. aardvarkian - 12 May 2010

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