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Pondering Goodness on a Thursday 13 May 2010

Posted by The Inimitable M in Life.

No rain. Leaks have stopped for the moment. They’ll start again sometime Saturday because…yes, indeed…more rain is in the forecast. I don’t think there are more holes in the roof, but it has been interesting to note that I have more buckets out because it’s coming through the tin ceiling in more places. Sadly, the rust is taking its toll. The antique ceiling is pockmarked badly.

I started the morning before 5. It was comfortable lying and listening to Morning Edition for an hour. Gizzie reached out his paw just as the financial report came on and patted my nose to let me know I hadn’t remembered to set the coffeemaker last night. That’s usually his trigger – NPR comes on and that is followed by the smell of coffee. I started the coffee, and, sure enough, he demanded his food! I didn’t feel rushed for a change.

Coffee, cat food, shower, clean the kitchen and ready for work. I took the long commute to the office – five feet – and started checking things.

I’m not sure what brought about this morning’s feeling of peace, but I think I found it in the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu that I’d read just before closing my eyes last night. I’m on Page 73 of his Made for Goodness. His clarification of what it means to “be good” and “do good” as compared to just plain “goodness” makes perfect sense. I may not have exactly followed his same path, but I did reach the same conclusion: goodness is inherent, and we aren’t going to get better by “being good” and “doing good”. It is better to let go of those things that interfere with what is our natural tendency toward goodness.

He cited many examples of goodness in his life that were far more memorable than the terrible strife that surrounded him.  I realised that we do not need to see the potential for good, as so many of all faiths and nonfaiths continue to “preach”. Goodness is always there. The ability to release and remove the negative is what is necessary.

In these first 73 pages, I have heard my own father’s voice and envisioned his behaviours. My father did not always have the best life, but he always was the best person.

Despite living and working in an often negative environment, I’m happy in who I am and prosperous in what I do. I am loved, I love others, and in the end, my mark on this world when I die will be an interesting one.

I couldn’t ask for more.



1. Nic - 13 May 2010

Thanks for sharing a little sense of peace! Still raining here too.

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