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In the midst of work… 30 July 2010

Posted by The Inimitable M in Life.
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I think I’m on the upswing.  I slept a full 14 hours.  This makes up for the last two weeks sleeping an average of 3, I suppose, and the up-and-down earlier in the week when I couldn’t get comfortable, spent all that time in the Oval Office, and tried to work through the various aches, pains, and physical malfunctions.  I’ve lost some weight, which is good, because I’m always teetering on that precipice of what might be overweight and what isn’t.  I’d prefer to lean toward “what isn’t”. 

I’m in week 9 of limbo here.  It’s starting to feel like a permanent condition.  I keep working, but the “okay, now; no, wait, not now,” is starting to get to me.

Time.  marches.  on.

While I was sick and couldn’t concentrate on more than a page or two of editing at a time, I started thinking about the house I think he thinks we should own sometime down the (several years) road.  I’m a practical person, and I think he wants a mansion.  Why a mansion, I don’t know.  We are two old people, no kids at home, and really no need for a lot of room.  We need a bedroom, kitchen, living area, and office, and I need at least 1½ baths.  I cruised small house plans, found the terrific Tumbleweed Tiny House Company site, and started conjuring up a tiny mansion.  I took the New Vessica, plopped it down, flipped it over and plopped THAT down, cleaned it up, tweaked the rooms a bit, adjusted the front porch, added a back porch, and it just seems – beautiful, practical and close to mansion-like for him.

It’s a whopping 54 x 12.  Yes, I said 12.  The entire first floor is 650 square feet.  Over the bedroom and the office are lofts (none over the Great Room) which total another 350 square feet.  We could easily throw kids and grandkids up there, I think.

You don’t see a garage on there, but one could easily be added on the office side, or it could stand alone.  On the average 100×130 lot, you can see there is plenty of room to spare.  You can throw a basement under it, too.

Special note in the office part of the plan:  Three walls of floor-to-ceiling bookcases.  Yep.  And I wonder if that will be enough!

Also note the small kitchen:  He and I both cook, but I am used to cooking in a small space and spreading out from there.

Okay, back to work.  Since I really didn’t get in gear until about two hours ago, I’ll likely work well into the night, and after being such a slacker all week, I’ll work on the weekend, too.

No, that doesn’t mean I’m checking office mail all weekend.  Once 5 p.m. comes around today, I’m SO over it.  I have too much to do without mucking about with the mail.  (I did check it earlier after letting it go while I was sick, and there are 200 emails.  *sigh* I need a secretary!)

End of the month bookwork, here I come!



1. aardvarkian - 31 July 2010

I’m working the weekend, too. There’s a pair of us in it 🙂

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