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And so it begins. 6 August 2010

Posted by The Inimitable M in Life.
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The office is closed for the next two weeks.  We were only going to do 1 week, but 2 made so much more sense, we couldn’t resist.   It was going to be absolutely necessary for our sanity.  We’ll feel much more settled by the 23rd and ready to dig into the last four(ish) months of 2010 with gusto!  Oh, the thinks we will think and the things we will do!

I’m excited.  I haven’t taken two weeks off and away for any purpose in my entire life, that I can recall.  In fact, because Outlook makes you leave up your email in order for your away messages to transfer through, I always felt a little stuck.  I always knew it was there, you know? 

As luck would have it, Outlook has informed me my “out of office” messages refuse to work.  I had to actually go into the webmail for the domain and set it up there.

For those of you emailing me, my apologies (sort of) for the uncool text-y look of the autoreply.  I’d apologise to the automatic newsletter and junk marketing people if I knew who to contact.

All messages will go into the inbox, and we are checking Rubicon once a day for emergencies.  A few are used to daily handholding…they know who they are…and will use Rubicon because not getting their daily dose would be akin to an emergency.  They’ll need to suck it up, really.  If they do use Rubicon to check in, they might find the response to them a little harsh:  “This is not an emergency.  It can wait until we get back.”  They can always call 9-1-1 if their manuscript is on fire. 

We’ll be away from the phone as well as the computer.  We have a cell for emergency call-outs, and we’ll stop at a wi-fi now and then to post pictures and/or write a quick note, but otherwise…

Have a banana.  Enjoy your vacation away from me.



1. aardvarkian - 6 August 2010

I’ll keep an eye on things while you’re away. As long as I know where the coffee is, there’ll be no trouble.

Go on, ya good thing xxx

2. Tiger Princess - 6 August 2010

Thanks for the Banana! I’m a bit of a monkey – I like them rather a lot!

Enjoy the break; even if you are doing a lot in it! *grins* I’ll back Jimbo up!

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