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The long version of this is on my website.  You may have gotten here from there, or maybe not.  I think M, Incomparably Offcourse is the actual link.  It’s my writing blog, and certainly the fact that I write is important.  (To me. )  The fact that in all this time, I’ve not had a book published is neither here nor there, however… (It’s my own fault.  I know this.)

I am categorically organised.  I organise in categories, and I try to slot my life that way.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  Too often the pigeonholes are ineffective.  It’s because I am easily distracted.  I’ve heard it called TOSS – The ‘Ooooh Shiny!’ Syndrome.  Yes, you heard me say it.  I am a TOSSer.

I am senior editor for an up-and-coming small press, Canonbridge LLC.  One day you’ll say to yourself, “I was there when no one knew it existed.”  Because you are.  Here.  And that will occasionally (sometimes frequently) put you there. 

I’m a writer.  I don’t edit what I write, though.  I leave that up to others.  I live near the City of Literature in the State of Iowa.  Yes, that’s what they call it:  The City of Literature.  In Iowa.  You know the place.  17 Pulitzer Prize winners (to date) have come out of there.  I am not one of them. (Yet.)

I read.  Surprise.  You’d think I would have another hobby, since I read for a living, right?  Indeed, I do.  I run.  I don’t read while I run, and I don’t run when I read.  I read in bed and in the bath, neither of which is conducive to running, so there you go.

I don’t know that there’s much else you need to know, actually.  Do you?  You do?

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