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On the Road to…Car Repairs! 9 August 2010

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I grabbed some groceries quick over the weekend, ran a few errands, balanced the bank accounts, found Fit-TV, and went into deep-clean mode. 

Investigating Fit-TV was interesting.  The various workouts were wonderful.  Some of them I watched and learned, knowing I can participate in them later, and others I jumped right into because it was old-school (Gilad, for example). 

I landed on a show called “neat”, which is purportedly a show to help people clean up and organise their clutter.  I noted right off the bat that the show doesn’t capitalise the “N” in neat.  This bothered me.  It turns out the show originally capitalised the title and made a conscious decision to use lower case (see original show logo on the left here).  The “expert” Helen also calls projects pr-oh-jects.  Décor is day-core.  Process is pr-oh-cess.  It’s not smooth, either.  It seems she  has to deliberately pronounce the words this way.  I see an attempt to pull off faux intelligence and superiority.  I could go on and on about finding the “psychology” for why people have different forms of clutter because, you know, there has to be a psychological reason for that pile on the table.  It can’t just “be”.  In the end, they give a fresh coat of paint to rooms and add new knock-together furniture, also painted.  Colour choices?  Yuck.  It’s far too 1980s-1990s, and they don’t believe in bookcases.  I watch shows like this because I keep thinking I’m going to learn some stupendous new secret or hear about some nifty new gadget.  I find myself saying, “I already do that,” or “How stupid is that – there’s a better way.”  I complain.  A lot.  Out loud.

Hey.  At least I stopped buying self-help books to edit and revise!

Speaking of books, I picked up The Death of the Adversary, Hans Keilson’s 1940s classic, first translated into English in 1962 by Ivo Jorsey, out of print until recently.  I couldn’t wait.  I have 122 classics downloaded to the laptop yet to read, and what do I do?  Buy a book.  I am a shameless biblioholic.  A biblioholic is different from a bibliophile.  A bibliophile is a book collector.  Bibliophiles don’t necessarily read all the books they collect.  A biblioholic, on the other hand, is a complete addict.  A biblioholic consumes, devours, sucks up books and wakes up in the night wanting more.  That’s me.  Biblioholic.  Please don’t tell me there’s a 12-step programme or a B.A. group near me.  I will refuse all attempts at a cure.  Don’t judge me.

This brings me to a slight adjustment in the plans for the next two weeks.  I was going to try not to read because I felt there was so much to do.  We leave Thursday, and I want things spiffy when I go, you know…just in case there’s a fire or something.  It’s like making sure your underwear is clean in case you have an accident. 

Anyway, my brain says I can do it and still have several hours to read.   I had three on my laptop that were on my Goodreads “currently reading” shelf, a total of 647 pages as of Saturday night:  Buchan’s The Thirty-Nine Steps, Cather’s My Antonia and  Sinclair’s The Profits of Religion.  I finished The Thirty-Nine Steps yesterday and got through half of My Antonia.  Once done with The Profits of Religion, I’ll read Keilson.  I’m really looking forward to it!  

Today, we get car repairs scheduled, repair a few things around the house (because no one’s going to do it but me!), and drag out the 10′ ladder to clean the 11′ tall windows!