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Typical 8 August 2010

Posted by The Inimitable M in Culture, Society, Religion, Diplomacy.
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I took a break to watch Rowing with the Wind and recalled listening to news reports on the BBC this morning. 

It is quite interesting, the difference in what’s important to the US and what’s important everywhere else.  It’s why I listen to BBC and its coverage of world events.  It’s far more thorough. 

They talked about the fires in Russia that were licking at the outskirts of Moscow – devastating fires that have left many homeless or dead and destroyed miles upon miles of forestation. 

They talked about massive landslides in northwest China from nonstop rains that have killed an untold number – untold bcause this is happening in a remote area. 

The death toll in Pakistan and Afghanistan from flooding and landslides rises daily, food is scarce, urgent emergency services are needed as fast as possible, just like the devastation in Haiti, the aftermath of Katrina, the powerful dstruction in Indonesia.

Here in the US, the top stories are:

1.  Sean Bean finalises his 4th divorce.
2.  Tiger Woods takes a golf club out of his bag on the 18th hole.
3.  Tim Tebow gets a haircut.
4.  Mark Papermaster leaves Apple
5.  Anderson Silva schedules bout with Chad Sonnen
6.  Zsa Zsa Gabor will remain in the hospital until tomorrow.

This does not surprise me.  It’s just…typical.