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But What About Me? 28 December 2010

Posted by The Inimitable M in One-offs.

The world is broken.  It has, over the years, become self-centred to the point that it is the norm, not the exception.  I find that a sad state of affairs.  Never have I felt it more acutely than in what has happened the past six months.  It is remarkable to me that once things were explained, the first words spoken or written to me were not of concern for what has happened, but, “What about me?”  There seems to be the ignorant assumption that things become just peachy overnight, and they don’t.  Most people really don’t care…as long as it doesn’t affect them.

Friends who want something from you are lined up around the block.  True friends are few and far between.  Real heartfelt compassion is limited to those few, and it is a rare person indeed who understands that silence is a coping mechanism…because most people do not have either the capacity to understand or the capacity to be silent, themselves.  

So, you ask, “What about me?”  Let me tell you.  I understand your concerns for yourselves.  I really do.  But as the doctors told me, it’s time for me to take care of myself, which is something they clearly pointed out I have rarely, if ever, done.


1. Let someone else deal with people’s “what about me” concerns, or let them wait until you are prepared to handle them.
2. Don’t let people’s angst distress you.  You will complete your responsibilities as you are able, and not a moment sooner than that.  The point is, you will complete them.
3. Sleep, eat, breathe, walk, exercise, enjoy.
4. You are entitled to a life, just as everyone else has one.  Don’t let theirs overburden you and deny you the right to yours.
5. Choose your priorities, make them work the way they need to work for you.
6. Fight your battles in such a way they create the least amount of stress, and bring about the clearest win-win factor.
7. Reset the schedule.  Make it more reasonable.  Do not try to conquer the world.  It will always be there, and there will always be something new left to conquer.

The directives are my project for the next two weeks, on top of work and special things I want to do.  It all comes in time, and if I want the old “me” back – even if no one else does – this is what I need to do.

I love you all.